Suburban Mouse

by Angerbird

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    Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore.




released March 12, 2012

no name appears on track 3 and 11.

Album art by no name.



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Angerbird Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Bedhead
It’s all I know
I want to kiss your eyelids while you sleep
I want to be the first rays of your morning
I want to catch your breath in my mouth
Track Name: While We're Young
I fell asleep again a little prematurely
That’s okay I never had a lot to say
I feel like maybe somebody this will be
Another thing that life lords over me
I think you could just maybe let me know
While we’re young

We live on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam
Even that’s a bit religious for my taste
I feel like maybe somebody this will be
Another little thing you keep from me
I think you could just maybe cut me loose
While we’re young
Track Name: Poetry Slam
At a poetry slam
Coffee and talk so small
It wasn’t worth a damn
And we began to wonder
Was it in the spring that we began to feel old?
Is anything here enough to keep us?

Maybe we need more time to
Figure this out
Maybe we’re trying too hard to
Make out a form when there is nothing but lines
Make up a story and keep watching for signs
Track Name: Clementines And Joels
Meet me in Montauk
She whispered in a dream
And strange as it may seem
Although we’ve never met
I’ve seen her eyes somewhere
I’ll know when I get there

She mysteriously fits in ripped out pages
And just so easily like missing puzzle pieces
Racing through my brain
Coursing through my veins
She’s just someone that you don’t forget
Track Name: Blinds And Right Angles
I would go but I can’t go back and now
There’s a chance we won’t make it out alive
All these walls and these ceilings are closing in
And these 9 AMs

I’m a sucker for romance too y’know
But my heart’s been unravelled into DNA
Grab a shovel and mindlessly start to dig
These dreams of boats
Track Name: Rep-By-Pop
We’re riding geothermal
There’s our boy in congress
He gets off on bleach
Track Name: Lightweight
Jesus Christ my courage’s slowly running out
You really more afraid of that than giving up
Not another word, not another sound from you
We’ve got all night
Ohmygod my throat is burning, burning out
There’s a fire that I can’t seem to drink down
Track Name: Solarium Icing
It is calling when you’re quiet
If you listen, it’s the only thing you’ll hear
In the morning, when the world’s asleep
You will hear it stitching flowers in your back