Titanium A Priori

by Angerbird

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released October 1, 2011



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Angerbird Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Electric Hymns & Sweeping Generalizations
How can anyone argue with billions of lightyears of cause and effect?

How can anyone fight with eons upon eons of God and Math?
Track Name: Zero Sum Game
Let's wrench our sorrows from our joys
Catch every truth each broken heart deploys
There never were beginnings
And there never will be ends
And as long as this consciousness persists, it leaves the universe a mess, tricks you into thinking you are friends

Let's cut our losses and leave now
We may be able to save face somehow
You really had me thinking of impossibilities
There really is no reason and no doubt
Don't know what this is about
I just sit and wait for sweet release

If you can't see me, then I can't see you
Track Name: Mercenary GCF
We were made from the same explosion
We've the same dust and stars in our veins
With the numbers and atoms we build on
They just don't come out looking the same

We've got soundwaves and lightning between us
We've got spaces and lines and points
We've got bubbles of nothing to keep us apart
But my heart's inextricably tied to your pulse

How do I keep from falling,
Floating off into space?

I chase after each lonely electron
That collectively makes up your smile
If I dream an eternity for you
Will you maybe just stay for a while

There are things that need no explanation
In this lifetime that's lacking an end
You're the x in this goddamn equation
You're the place where the treasure is hid
Track Name: Heart Like A Zombie
Well it all looks good on paper
All our dreams and all our thoughts
But we never got them off the ground
Not for a second

And my heart beats faster, faster
But your pulse remains the same
And in this homeostatic calm I just may never
I may never sleep again

Well your charm and your devotion
To the gods of nonchalance
A recurring nightmare feature I may never
I may never sleep again
Track Name: Halfsome
I can't seem to figure you out
All the things I've learned don't seem to fit
Sometimes you're a universe just endlessly unfolding

I just need a place to stand on
Give me a lever and I'll move the world
You're blinking like there hasn't been bloodshed
Somewhere I know there's something

There's a beam of light, there's a wave of sound
There's a sky of startling calm in here
Like the freezing shock of a lightning bolt
But you're not as wholesome as you think
Track Name: Hencewhencethencehitherwhitherthither
I'm painting the stars tonight
On a canvas of black and blue
In a magical fort of sheets
And pixie dust and happy thoughts
Built for only just us two

So tell me you'll hold my hand
And we'll float into outer space
I will name all the constellations in your eyes
And chart all of the secret dimensions of your face
Track Name: Sometimes Like Always
I think about you sometimes
With every gasp of air I draw
No I don't miss you too much
When you're not around

Every time I blink's an attempt
To teleport to where you are
I wonder how it is you're feeling
Do you think I've lost my mind
Track Name: Clouds
Nothing more than empty space
We're miles apart but relatively closer
Than you to your shell or I to mine

Electron clouds of colour and taste
Dictate which direction we move into
And your eyes they give away your secrets

So orbit as you know how and everywhere you go
You're guarded by physics and its dos and don'ts
Your carbons and numbers they ebb and flow
So perfectly according to the status quo

This genome of a billion thoughts
Expresses into something so beautiful:
You, that's the truth that's undeniable

So orbit as you know how and everywhere you go
The forces of the universe are still in tow
The stars in your system are shining like mad
It's morning that's the reason why you can't see that
Track Name: Autosomal
How do I keep track of the particles that move through my consistency and back like a ripping tide like a predetermined heart attack maybe heaven goes much further up than the stars

Things I can't deny like the ancient Greek in my chromosomes but you're not just any high I don't want to chalk this down to functions maybe heaven is just higher up than the stars

There must be something written it's hidden in the sequence there must be something written down